Little Kid

Toronto based indie rock group




packaging, illustration, print design

Over the past few years, I've been very happy to create artwork and graphic design for Toronto based band Little Kid. Most of the work was created through a very instinctive and reactionary process; an attempt at a visual output that's reflective of the music at hand. Album by album, my own approach was guided by that of the band's at the time, which helped capture the spirit and intent of the music.

Might As Well With My Soul (2018)

“..intricately dotted with wonderful lyrical and sonic surprises that are deliberately washed in golden-hour light before being carefully creased and folded and put away for another time.”

— Chris Gee for Exclaim!

^ monkey christ t-shirt (digital illustration for screenprint)

Sun Milk (2017)

“This is what it sounds like if Weezer was a slowcore band.”

RYM user review

^ album art collage by Vanessa Brzozowski and Kenny Boothby.

Flowers (2016)

"Clutched in the sweaty hand of this Little Kid are Flowers. Like those that a child would offer a parent, these flowers are wild. They are ragged and crumpled. Some are missing petals and have some have gone to seed. It’s an assorted heavenly host and it’s beautiful.”

— Laura Stanley for Gray Owl Point

^ Liner notes back cover.

^ Inner CD tray.
Flower press scans: Vanessa Brzozowski and Kenny Boothby. Arrangement: James Lee Chiahan